Toilet With Built-In Bidet Rules Over Other Bidets

A toilet with built-in bidet is just another name for bidet toilet combo. And there is a big chance that you have come across other names too. Well, it only goes to show how this bidet model tops the others.

The sudden increase in its demand is due to the increasing investments in bathroom remodeling, specifically, in toilet and bidet improvements. According to the recent studies, it shows that over 14 million bathrooms in US alone were remodeled last year. And about $10,000 are spent averagely. Additionally, homeowners are even willing to spend even up to $35,000 for a simple bathroom make-over.

So, this explains a lot the growing demand for bidet toilet combos.

But, the real question is, why and what is there to the joy of bidets?

Toilet With Built-In Bidet Rules The Bidet IndustryToilet with built-in bidet

Toilets with integrated bidets offer various kinds innovative solutions. Accordingly, the appearance of each bidet toilet combo is very sleek and elegant. And this is only some of the reasons why people are so attracted in this model.

While bidets, in general, are designed to provide users a convenient cleaning and washing routine, a toilet with built-in bidet can offer so much more. The luxurious and innovative features are basically the things that make them stand out from the rest of the bidets. Also, homeowners and actual users take them as real investments since they usually come with high costs.

Bidet Toilets vs Other Bidets

Here is a thorough comparison between bidet toilet combos and other bidet variations. With this, you would see why they are considered as the best one to get for your bathroom.

  • Bidet Showers

Bidet showers are the most basic type of bidet. It sprays freshwater for the cleaning process. They are also hand-held. And they all come at a very inexpensive cost. Aside from these, there is nothing else to offer.

  • Bidet Attachments

Bidet toilet attachments are actually just one step ahead from bidet showers. They have nozzles where the water passes through for the cleaning process. You can adjust the water pressure in this model but the temperature remains the same.

By using the knobs, you can switch the level of water pressures. Furthermore, they require installation as they can only fit in between the toilet seat and toilet cover.

  • Bidet Toilet Seats

Bidet toilet seats offer different innovative features too. In the Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000 review, you will see that these bidet models can offer luxury as well. And this is basically the reason why it is often considered as a near substitute for bidet toilet combos.

However, they require installation. And they act as a replacement to the existing seat and cover of your toilet.

With all of these things at hand, it is easy to see why a toilet with a built-in bidet is superior to its kind. Well, it is a stand-alone product. Every unit comes in one piece that does not require a lengthy and confusing installation process. Also, they normally feature an effective energy-saving technology. And this only one of the innovative and smart features that a combo can offer.

If you want a closer look at different kinds of bidet toilet combos, you may check the video: