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The Ultimate Portable Bidet For Toilet Use

With my undying attraction for bidets, I was able to experience different kinds of it. But, it is only recently that I come across a portable bidet for toilet use. I’m quite amused with this bidet. And I see the importance of its existence.

You see, I love to travel and go to different places. And one of my primary concerns, when I’m about to go on a trip, is the bathroom. Well, the comfort and convenience that I get to experience when I am doing my toilet businesses at home are somehow efficient. Check this Clean Sense dib-1500R review and you’ll know what I’m talking about. But because of this, I am very meticulous when it comes to using toilets along with its features outside my home.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I mean, the time you spend in the bathroom is one of the most personal moments of your life – right?

Thoughts On The Portable Bidet for Toilet

Last week, I went on a trip with portable bidet for toiletmy friends. It was not my best trip though but I was able to get to know what I am apparently missing in my travel life – a portable bidet for toilet use outside my home.

It’s nothing similar to bidet toilet seats or even hand-held bidet showers. But, it was amazing.

It’s so compact, convenient, and very easy to use. You can bring it anywhere with you! The idea may seem strange at first but when you see it, you’ll know how efficient it is for any toilet business.

A portable bidet, or as most people call it nowadays – travel bidet, is normally composed of a rubber bottle, foldable and detachable nozzle, and a bag holder. And there are two variations of it. Some portable bidets are mechanical and using it is very straightforward. You just need to point the nozzle on your area of concern and squeeze the bottle for the water to come out.

As for the battery-powered travel bidets, there is an air-lock function on the bottle. Once you “unlock” this, it will automatically squirt portions of water through the nozzle. So, the only difference between the two is the squeezing part.

Another thing I like about this mini bidet is that it can hold different liquids. Aside from water, you can fill it with other solutions and chemicals. If you want to place your feminine or genital wash or even a peroxide solution there, then you may do so.

Choosing Your Own Portable Bidet

Today, there are quite a lot of travel bidets to choose from. While they are not yet as popular as the other bidets, the demand is increasing. And this results for many names in the industry to offer their respective mini bidets.

When choosing your own portable bidet for toilet uses outside your home, just be sure that it can satisfy your unique needs. It may be exciting to choose and buy, but a portable bidet is still a bidet. So, I recommend that you take matters into consideration first.

If it helps, here is a quick video that you can check: