5 Facts You Need To Know About A Heated Toilet Seat Bidet

A lot of people today favors a heated toilet seat bidet more than a traditional-style toilet. And if you are getting one for yourself anytime soon, then that’s a great decision.

Apparently, heated toilet seats provide many benefits. While the benefit of warmth and coziness is already given, there are other benefits that you can get from this kind of seat. If you are interested in getting to know them all, you may check it here.

Accordingly, these benefits are probably the reason why you may need to shell out more money than the usual. Well, there’s no denying to the fact that they are quite expensive. And that is only one of the many important facts you need to know.

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Heated Toilet Seat Bidet Facts

These facts are usually either overlooked or underrated. Nevertheless, you will surely get to experience and know them much better once you made your purchase.

Cost Efficient

As mentioned, you may probably need to shell out a few more cost than the usual when buying a bidet with a heated toilet seat. That’s a fact. But, another accompanying fact about it is that it’s cost-effective. In short, it’s worth it!

In addition, you can save a lot more in the long run with this kind of bidet. The use of toilet papers can be either reduced or omitted totally.

Adjustable Temperature

Most heated toilet seat models have an adjustable temperature. You can customize it according to your own personal preferences. Hence, more comfort is available to users like you.

Relieves Arthritis

If you are suffering from arthritis, you know how cold weathers and temperatures can be painful. In this case, a heated seat is just suitable for your needs. In fact, many people who suffer from the same condition are advised to get a heated seat for their toilet at home.

Aids Stiff Muscles

Heat and warm therapies are very common practices to people who always experience muscle stiffness. We all know how heat and warm compresses can relieve muscle pain and alike, right?  Well, sitting it all out in your heated toilet seat can actually help aid the pain and stiffness.


Heated toilet seats are an electrical type of bidets. Others may see it as a drawback since it would consume energy and will add up to the monthly electricity bill.

The truth is a heated toilet seat bidet only requires a little electricity. And you don’t need to worry about your electricity bill too! In fact, there are later models that feature a timer and sensor that heats the seat up only when it’s in use.

Also, there are models that provide dim lights and LED lights along the seat. Hence, you no longer need to open your bathroom lights when visiting the toilet, say, in wee hours. Moreover, there are other available options for energy conservation.

For more details about its benefits and advantages, you may refer to this video: