Why You Should Go For A Bidet Toilet Attachment

As the popularity of bidets continues to increase in the recent times, the variety of bidets continues to grow as well. And one of the most common variation today is the bidet toilet attachment.

If this is all new to you, choosing your first bidet may come as a challenge.  Well, some people would know what kind of bidet they want. Others, however, are having difficulties due to the many variations of bidets. So, it is important for you to understand these factors since it will help you decide which one is best to get.

Here is a much more detailed post about the factors to consider when choosing a bidet.

What Is A Bidet Toilet Attachment?

Basically, a bidet toilet attachment is a type of bidet that you can attach to your toilet in between the seat and the bowl. It’s a much simpler form of bidet toilet seats but much more convenient than hand-held bidet showers.

They are also non-electrical types. So, the installation may only take a few minutes provided that you follow the User Manual. But since it is a mechanical type of bidet, you should expect for freshwater sprays.

As for its costs, they fairly fall within the hand-held bidet showers’ price range. Hence, they are pretty much inexpensive. While bidet attachments often compared with the most basic bidet toilet seats, they are quite different from one another.

Essentially, bidet toilet seats offer innovative solutions and technology. You could largely personalize your cleaning activities with the use of such bidet. You may check this Clean Sense dib-1500R review to see the common innovative features of a bidet toilet seat.

But for a bidet attachment, water pressure is mainly and normally the only feature that you can adjust. Although, other bidet toilet attachments offer dual nozzles that can provide feminine wash as well.

Why Should You Go For It?

Bidets have come a long way since its first appearance on the market. And the great selection of bidets is quite overwhelming, especially for first-timers. But, it is largely recommended for entry-level users to choose bidet toilet attachments over the hand-held bidet showers and bidet toilet seats.

  • Cost Wise

If budget is one of the top factors that you are considering, then it’s a wise decision to go for bidet toilet attachments. As mentioned, they usually have the same price as to what most bidet showers have. Also, they are way cheaper than bidet toilet seats.

  • Convenience Wise

Well, if convenience is the subject – bidet seats offer real convenience. However, there are entry-level bidet seats that provide the same features as bidet attachments. So, why spend that much money if it’s going to do the same thing?

On the other hand, bidet attachments are much more convenient than bidet showers. These showers are hand-held triggered nozzles. So, using it requires your full control. As for bidet attachments, you can easily clean your lower extremities by simply switching knobs or pressing buttons.

You may want to check this video to see how it works:

In the end, it all comes back to you. Your personal preference is the only one that matters. So, whatever type of bidet you choose even if it’s not a bidet toilet attachment, it’s all up to you.