bidet toilet combo

What Is A Bidet Toilet Combo?

The use of bidets in the recent times is becoming more apparent. Convenience and efficiency in cleaning are basically the reason why. However, did you know that bidet comes in different variations? Some would normally utilize bidet seats, but, do you know what a bidet toilet combo is?

By and large, there are three common variations of bidets. And the most modern kind of all is the bidet toilet combos.

So, what is a bidet toilet combo?

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Well, they are not usually the ones you see in public places as they require additional space and area for installation. Most of the time, they are referred to as stand-alone bidets since they are purchased as a whole package already and ready to be used.

Basically, it is an integrated bidet and toilet combination. When you purchase one on the market, you get both parts already. So, it’s like buying a toilet with a featured toilet already.

People would normally choose to buy bidet toilet combos, especially when renovating a bathroom or when there is a need for toilet replacement. And these are essentially the reason why they are often tagged as a luxurious purchase.

Is it different from bidet showers and bidet toilet seats?

Apparently, bidet toilet combos are very much different from bidet showers and bidet toilet seats.

Bidet showers or bidet sprayers are hand-held controlled nozzles. It only means that they do not function as automatic cleaners as you need to hold and control it. And which is why they are normally considered as the most basic type of bidet.

As for a bidet toilet seat, cleaning is generally done with the help of control panels that has either buttons or switches. Also, these seats are either electrical or mechanical.  Normally, they serve as a replacement for the existing toilet seat and would require a few minutes of installation.

Moreover, bidet seats offer various kinds of innovative features which are adjustable. Some advance and smart bidet seats even offer wireless remote controls and massage cleaning. You may refer to this Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000 review to check for other innovative features.

Now, bidet toilet combos are stand-alone fixtures that need separate plumbing and installation. They are similar to sinks and ordinary toilets. The only difference is that they already come with a bidet.

For its features and functions, they share similar features with bidet seats. And normally these include adjustable water temperature, water pressure, deodorizer, heated seat, and air dryer.

You may check this simple and short video if you want to learn more about bidet toilet combos:

But, would it be a great buy for me?

It actually depends on your preferences. Besides, you are the only that could tell what works well on your end. Nevertheless, having a bidet toilet combo is way better than using toilet papers.

While it may come as a challenge to find the best bidet toilet combos, there are several brands and types that you could choose from. Also, it is important that you consider first the essential factors such as price, features, durability, and quality before making a purchase.