Bidets are no longer a new thing today. In fact, it has been used by several countries since the early centuries. In Europe, especially, bidets are a common sight in toilets. And this is not surprising at all since
Today, bidet toilet seats have become one of the most common toilet fixtures. And in many parts of the globe, it has become a necessity of daily life. While some parts of the US are yet to discover the
The best bidet toilet seats of today are quite challenging to find. As the industry grows bigger, many variations are seen on the current market. Now, if you are looking to turn your normal toilet seat into a more functional
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Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000 Review
Bio Bidet believes in the idea of Water Does It Better. Essentially, water really is way better than anything else. But, the company’s ideology is more than that as they apply this on to each and every product they offer.
Recently, I had to stay in one of my colleague’s house. To my surprise, she is using the most full-featured bidet toilet seat in the Luxe Bidet Neo series. I am quite delighted as this is the only bidet
Greenco Bidet Review
Greenco has been a quite popular name in the industry of home appliances. But it is only recently that the company added a new line of product in their range – bidet seat attachments. So, here I am to
Astor Bidet CB-1000 Review
Bidets have been long popular in Asian and some European countries. However, it is only in recent times that these products are reaching the American territory. This is why the bidet confusion among Americans is quite evident today. Apparently, in every 400 Americans, only 3.75 percent are familiar to